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THE NEW YEAR IS TIME TO CHECK EXPIRATION DATES   As clean and organized as you may keep your home, there’s one sneaky thing we always forget to check…household products’ expiration dates! Even the most well kept home can contain expired products without anyone realizing! We always remember to check the expiration dates of food items, or keep track of how long we use certain beauty products but unfortunately, there are many more household items that we end up keeping around the house longer than we realize we should. Checking your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator for expired food products is a given, but a common place we forget to check is the spice rack. Although you may have some powerful seasonings in the spice rack, their potency is short-lived and should be replaced after a few months. A good time to remember to change out spices and dried herbs is around the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, when there‘s a lot of cooking happening in the kitchen. Another good tip to remember to switch out spices is to purchase the smaller containers. That way, they get used up accordingly and not much gets wasted if you don’t use them often. The kitchen isn’t the only place that holds important expiration dates! Review this quick list of a couple more rooms in your home that may contain expiring products!                 Bathroom: • Shower Sponge – Two week limit on the shower sponge! Bacteria grows quickly if these sit in moisture, but if you’re against wasting bath products, boiling the sponge can kill the bacteria and make it good as...

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