3 Steps to Less Stress

July 5, 2017
Renee Ory

Stress makes us sick! According to the Center for Disease Control, 80% of medical expenditures are stress related. Stress related illnesses cost the nation $300 billion a year in medical costs and lost productivity. Those are staggering statistics! Many of us feel overwhelmed by all the things we feel we need to get done. This causes anxiety and stress. Do you have endless to-do lists and feel like you are running around in circles without getting much accomplishRelaxed and Less Stressed?

Most of my clients lead very busy lives. They have demanding work schedules and spend a great deal of time coordinating family member’s schedules. Technology keeps us tethered to our jobs way beyond the normal workday. Multitasking between work, children and aging parents has become the norm. We are trying to solve several different problems at one time. It was noted by the University of Michigan that multitasking decreases productivity by 20-40% more than those who focus on one thing at a time. The time lost switching among tasks increases the complexity of the those tasks. The truth is we put ourselves at risk for stress related illnesses when we are juggling and get overwhelmed.

One way to have less stress is by having an organized home and office space along with a place for everything and a system to reduce paper and other items. This saves time, money and provides a structure that eliminates worry and fear. Generally people have a desire to be more organized. They realize that their quality of life could improve and they could spend more time with family when their house and work space is in order. Getting closets and pantries organized or the garage or work space decluttered leaves us with a sense of satisfaction. But did you know you can take other steps to help lessen the feelings of stress and anxiety?

Healthy Habits

By practicing some healthy habits we can eliminate feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Here are my top three, easy-to-do steps to less stress:

1. Recognize and Deal with Uncertainty. When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, it comes from a feeling of uncertainty. We don’t know how things will work out, we worry that we can’t do it all, we don’t know how we’re going to do with any of it, we’re uncertain that we’re good enough to handle all of this. Uncertainty. Our minds don’t like that feeling, and we want stability. Unfortunately, life never gives us that reassuring certainty. So we’re always running, always trying to cope with the uncertainty by doing as much as we can, making lists, finding the perfect software or system, running to distractions. Instead, we can train our minds to stay with the uncertainty, and gradually become more comfortable in this feeling. You will find peace in the middle of chaos.

2. Let It Go. When we’re stressed out, it’s because we’re attached to something, attached to doing everything, attached to how people see us, attached to meeting a goal or deadline, attached to our self-image. What if we could let go of these attachments, and just be in the moment? Things would suddenly become easier. Luckily letting go is something we can do.

3. Do One Thing At A Time. We are stressed and overwhelmed because we’re thinking about our uncertain future, but what if we learn to trust the present moment? Just fully be present in the activity you’re doing, just one activity. Just answer this single email. Just wash this one dish. Be more single focused and stop multi-tasking.

It takes only a minute to practice these tips, but eventually you will begin to trust yourself and experience less stress.

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