A Lucky Move

March 7, 2022
Renee Ory

Top o’ the morning to all you lads and lasses! March is here and heralds the fun of St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns, luck, rainbows, and pots of gold.

Know what’s better than finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? An easy move.

If the idea of an easy move is as fantastical to you as the legend of the leprechaun, we want to change that.

A move with Amazing Spaces CAN be easy — and dare we say, fun — and luck has nothing to do with it.


Our moving services span the entire range of relocation needs: packing, move coordination, unpacking, organization.

Our Amazing Spaces teams can help you pack your current home. After an initial assessment and consultation to determine your needs, our packing services can help you purge clutter prior to your move, which makes for fewer boxes and saves you money. We wrap and pack items into boxes, label the boxes clearly and accurately, and help get possessions in your current home ready for relocation.

We can coordinate your move with preferred providers. In working with our preferred moving companies, we can ensure your move to be as smooth and timely as possible. You might even get a chance to do a two-step!

Once your items are in your new home, we offer unpacking services — a true gift to yourself in a move. Our teams will arrive at your new home and help unpack boxes and organize your new space to best fit your needs. At the end of moving day, we can ensure that prioritized areas of the home are totally unpacked, staged, and ready for living. In a past move for a family of 6, all bedrooms were unpacked, organized, and staged; the entire kitchen and pantry were unpacked, organized and ready for cooking; and all bathrooms were unpacked and stocked. Giving a family a readily livable space at the end of an exhausting moving day is incredibly satisfying for our teams.

At the end of your move with Amazing Spaces, you’ll feel like the luckiest lad or lassie when you see not a sea of boxes, but your items, carefully and methodically organized to best suit your needs. No packing materials are floating around the house, because our team members will trash items throughout the unpacking process as well as break down boxes. Our goal is to minimize visual mess and to help you feel as settled as possible on day one.


While unpacking is quite the chore, smart choices while packing can alleviate most of the headaches associated with a move. We suggest not only labelling boxes with its intended room in the future home, but also listing items contained in the box. It makes unpacking much easier when each box is not a surprise. If a single category takes up more than one box, link them with labels such as 1 of 2, etc. to keep like items together in the move. Take it a step further and develop a color coordinating system using colored duct tape to designate individual rooms. Create a color key to post in the new home, and label rooms in the new space with the same color, to help movers know where each item or box goes.

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