LOVE your Amazing Spaces

February 1, 2022
Renee Ory

Like. Love. Adore… Amazing Spaces

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, everyone has love on the brain, and at Amazing Spaces love is a major motivator.

We love what we do, and what we do is help clients fall in LOVE with their spaces again!

A client rarely calls in our teams to say “I hate my space”. They typically call us because they are overwhelmed by the items they used to love. Items that brought joy are suddenly feeling more like burdens. Our teams bring in fresh sets of eyes, and a new appreciation for the things of beauty collected over a lifetime. We can help a client curate collections of art, china, glassware, entertaining ware, silver pieces, knicknacks, books, records, etc. Identifying which items are truly treasures, and which no longer hold importance, and then developing a plan for display or storage. We may relocate a collection to a place more suited. We may reorganize the current collection right where it stands because it has already found it’s perfect spot. Sometimes, we even collaborate with clients in designing custom furniture pieces to help house these beloved treasures.

Our teams at Amazing Spaces work hard to help clients fall in love with their spaces again. Many clients have amassed beautiful collections of furniture, art, and décor over their lifetime. However, constant exposure to sameness can lead clients to feel their spaces are stale and unexciting. A redesign session with Amazing Spaces can help reinvigorate stale spaces by developing new furniture placements to ensure better flow through a home, relocating items to best showcase their beauty, and creating new vignettes within the home to generate interest in beloved items. Clients can take this redesign one step further with a paint consultation to help develop a color scheme throughout the home that best showcases the architecture of the home and design sense of the client.

Sometimes, a client really does call because they fell out of love with their current home, sold it, and purchased a new home they do love. The only barrier is a process that is much unloved — the move. Our Amazing Spaces team can help you LOVE the moving process. Our packing and unpacking services can help you move with ease, and begin your new life in your new home with organized happy spaces… which always leads to happy homeowners.

Perhaps though, our biggest love is our clients. We truly love the relationships we establish with them, and have many clients who continue to return to Amazing Spaces for their organization and design needs. Over the years we have amassed many positive reviews from clients who have been touched by the love Amazing Spaces teams share with others.


Falling out of love with your current furniture? Reinvigorate your space with new pillow covers! These can be a very inexpensive investment that provides an update to your décor with minimal commitment. These can be a way to experiment with trendy colors, patterns, and texture, without an expensive reupholstering project!

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