Back to the Basics of Outside Storage

July 30, 2017
Renee Ory

Can you park two cars in your two car garage? How about one car in your two car garage? According to the U.S. Department of Energy 25% of homeowners polled with two-car garages, fill it with so much stuff, they can’t park even 1 car inside and 32% fit 1, but not 2 cars inside.  Have you also purchased one of those pre-fabricated storage sheds or have a  mini-storage to hold overflow storage? Don’t worry you are not alone!

We recently worked with a client with a large family that moved into their home several years ago and didn’t have time to devote to organizing their detached garage. Like most of us, when they moved in they just put all the outside stuff in the garage. Over the years more and more things began to pile up until it became  impossible to access any area of the garage.  It was time to get back to the basics of outdoor storage.  

Whether you are organizing inside or an outside storage shed, detached or attached garage the basic process is the same. Here’s the 5 step plan we used to organize this family’s garage:


We began by designing a plan for the space. Planning things out in advance turns chaos into control and is the most important part of any project.


We emptied contents from the space and grouped into like items. We created zones for large equipment (4 wheelers, riding mower, push mower, etc), Craftsman tool chests, non-powered tools (rakes, brooms, etc) and smaller items were grouped on a large tarpaulin.


Before setting up the space, we pressure washed the exterior walls and because the interior walls were painted wood we were able to pressure wash those too.  If interior walls are finished sheetrock gently clean and/or paint before setting up the space.


Once the space was clean and ready, we assembled new sturdy shelving for the power tools, batteries, tools and tool boxes, ice chests, camping, fishing, hunting, and cans of products, etc.


The grand finale was to label the areas and containers so everyone who uses the space knows where to find items and where to put them back! This is key to having a place for everything and keeping everything in its place.

Check out these amazing before and after shots.

Right Side of the Garage

Storage – Before & After

Garage Power Tool Storage   Garage Hand Tool Storage


Left Side of the Garage

Storage – Before & After

Messy Garage Storage     Right Side of Garage Storage

Cleaning & Sorting

Pressure Washing Garage before Storage

Sorting Garage Contents before Storage

Other Storage

Other stored items were stored on hooks on the walls (power tools, non power garden tools, long fluorescent light bulbs, etc). All fuel tanks are stored between two doors on shelving and the large tall fuel tank was positioned beside the shelf for easy access.

Garage Hand Tools Organized Storage

If you find yourself with a filled up two car garage and you are still adding on, it may be time to get back to the basics of outside storage.

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