Back-to-School Mambo

August 4, 2021
Renee Ory

In South Louisiana, everyone knows about the Mardi Gras Mambo. It’s a great song all about some of the best streets to go Mambo-ing “down in New Orleans.” But parents are all too familiar with the Back-to-School Mambo. The dance – or more like hustle – that hits in early August where parents panic over uniforms and school supplies… and kiddos enter into full on revolt over the idea of heading back to school. Frankly, it’s a messy mambo… and WAY less fun than the Mardi Gras Mambo.

Here’s where we can help.

  1. We love messes.
  2. We are SO GOOD at Mambo-ing.

Some may even be crying into their coffee mug that is actually filled with booze because they are overwhelmed at the thought of beginning… or they are uncertain of what services they should request. Here are some of the ways we can help alleviate this stress and overwhelm and bring about a peaceful transition into the school year.

Mudroom Overhaul

While not every home has the luxury of a mudroom, everyone does need a specified “drop zone” for the early morning and after-school rushes. One area of the home dedicated for all things school-related. It could be a new system in a mudroom with room for backpacks, school shoes, lunchboxes, and maybe even masks if needed. It could be systems set up in each child’s bedroom to keep them organized and ready for school. It could be a shared area of the home that is re-worked for post- and pre-school purposes.

Homework Stations

Blech. Homework. Literally no one likes it. But an efficient space that promotes learning more easily can help. Bedroom desks become cluttered with summer crafts and activities, and kids are often resistant to transitioning these spaces back to school-time areas. Know what makes it a fun transition? A surprise transformation! Take the kids swimming for the afternoon while our team works to set up their stations, and !SURPRISE! their new and improved homework stations will be waiting for them! Bonus points if the kids can have some fresh school supplies to go along with it. A 10-pack of markers can go a long way!

Refrigerator Cleanout

Hear us out. The fridge is likely not something that pops up on your back-to-school list, but if you are packing lunches, you are going to LOVE what our team can do in the kitchen. We can help designate zones for ready-to-grab ingredients that make assembling school lunches a snap, and we can even extend these services into the pantry for dry items and lunch boxes.

Closet Reorganization

Let’s talk uniforms. Which ones fit, which ones don’t, which ones are new, which ones are old, WHERE TO PUT THEM!! An Amazing Spaces closet redocan help bring order to morning routines, with systems for accessing all school needs easily and efficiently.

Now, if none of these ideas spark your interest, or you still feel overwhelmed with where to begin, you can book a consultation to help decide what services will best suit your needs!

Ok parents: let’s get Mambo-ing!


One of the top complaints we have from parents is the amount of paper that comes home with their children from school. These items typically sit on the counter and provide a lovely clutter spot that can easily overtake its space. Our tip: develop a system to sort through the papers before they land on the counter. Use a magnetic board or bulletin board to post important pages that need to be referenced often or easily. Use a letter sorter to sort papers important to each child that need to be filed away for keeps. Lastly, if you love keeping your children’s work, invest in a box to store these items in a closet for longevity’s sake.

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