Battling Kitchen Cabinet Organization and More for your Month of February!

February 6, 2018
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The kitchen really is the heart of every home. It’s where meals are lovingly prepared, guests gather during parties and special moments, and where the occasional heart-to-heart between parent and child can happen while the dishes are put away. So, why not make your kitchen a place where functionality enhances your enjoyment, and organization is optimized?

Your kitchen cabinets may be top of the line and plentiful, or maybe they’re just builder basic and sparse. No matter — the key is to work with what you have, and make the most of every available inch. You may need a little boost, and this can come in the form of supplemental organizational supplies. Here are some of the items that I’ve found work best for homeowners’ various needs to maximize storage space at a minimal cost.


Vertical tray organizational rack – This rack is great for organizing baking sheets and cutting boards and can fit perfectly on your kitchen counter or on a shelving unit. These can start at as little as $12.99.

Long Acrylic Storage Bin – Perfect for deep cabinet spaces, the pantry, or anywhere you need to contain like items. Some have handles which makes it easy to move if need be. Prices vary depending on the size.

 Shelf Liner, Non-Adhesive – Lay down this non-slip liner to keep glassware, dinnerware, cups or plastic storage containers stable in the cabinet. The cost starts at under $20

Lazy Susan – The Lazy Susan has been around for a long time, because it works. It offers extra storage — with single and multi-level options, and it gives you the opportunity to see what you have on-hand as it rotates fully. It’s a great way to store condiment groupings, and like items such as baking supplies. Prices start at approximately $11.99 and will go up depending on the sizes you choose.

Packet Organizer – Lasso those loose packets. You know — salad dressing mixes, powdered drink mixes, taco seasonings, sugar, spices. Keep them contained and easily accessible. Some styles start at under $10.

Labels – Labels just make things easier, don’t they? It’s a small investment for a big return in terms of streamlining your space, and they can add flair to your décor depending on the style you choose.  These are minimal cost.

Lid Organizers – With a large variety to choose from, these handy additions hold your pot lids in one place. Some start under $5 and the cost goes up depending on the style you choose.

Adjustable Drawer Divider – This is a way to achieve a custom result without a custom price tag, to store your flatware, cutlery and cooking utensils. They come in a variety of different materials, so choose what suits your budget and your taste.

Air-tight Containers – These are helpful for keeping pantry pests away, as well as for storage of items that can expire, or must be opened and resealed. The options vary, as does the price.




Paper can literally suck the time out of your day, if you allow it to do so. What is important to remember, is that when paper comes in, if you have a plan in place on how it will be distributed and disposed of, you can stop the clutter before it starts.

First: Have a filing system for important documents. Filing cabinets or a desk drawer with organizational folders are good options, but it’s key to do what works for you.

Second: Categorize your documents. Examples include: personal, business, health, kids’ education, financial, tax documents, etc. If you are a business owner, these documents should be stored apart from your personal files.


Remember, documents have a lifecycle and some may need to be kept longer than others. To learn about which documents you must keep and for how long, visit my Amazing Spaces resources page here:



Amazing Spaces Success Story —



January is traditionally a month for renewal and new beginnings, and our client was in the mood to make a fresh start. She owns several antiques, but she wanted to achieve a feel in her home that had more light, and a more open, airy feel, with an ease to the flow of the entire home. Her antique furniture and décor are beautiful, so she wanted to reboot her look to better suit her taste and incorporate these pieces as well.

We managed to achieve her vision through the incorporation of several elements including the replacement of her flooring, changing the lighting and wall colors, and rearranging the furniture. On the walls we used Sherwin Williams (SW) Muslin in a flat finish to pair with the existing color, (also SW Muslin) on her trim in the semi-gloss finish. The slight contrast in the finishes creates an elegant and soothing backdrop for her art and antiques. Using the same color in different finishes is an easy way to achieve both depth, and a coordinated look, at the same time, when using color.

In order to assess which pieces would return to the space, we placed the furniture in temporary storage for two weeks, and at the end of that time, she decided to be selective when

deciding which pieces would return to the newly designed space. We incorporated desks, framed artwork, light fixtures and furniture pieces. We moved one particularly deep desk from its original location where it had blocked the flow from room to room. We moved it into a corner where it is still functional, but unobtrusive to our goal of a freely flowing floor pattern.


We replaced the circular table in the corner with a desk so that the space is utilized to it’s best potential. This move also opened up another space to more prominently showcase one of her beautiful light fixtures.


















We placed the secretary behind the love seat in order to balance the room with its scale. It also brings your eye beyond the seating area.



You too, can make your space even more amazing than it is already. I can help you achieve your look, whether it’s a subtle adjustment or a complete renewal. You can visit my website , to learn more or contact me directly at or (337) 296-5506.

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