Celebrate Dad

June 8, 2021
Renee Ory

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it sure can be difficult to buy for your favorite guy (seriously though, how many fishing shirts does one dude need?). Amazing Spaces has got your Daddy-O covered with a plethora of organization options for some of his favorite spaces.

For the Fishing Father: The Amazing Spaces team can revamp his boat garage and fishing supplies into detangled and orderly configurations for everything from lures and tackle, to nets and poles. Our friends at Louisiana Garage Solutions can lend a hand here, too.

For the Prepping Papa: Let our teams identify and implement innovative and effective storage solutions for emergency supplies to aid in tracking inventory and keep items easily accessible both now and in the future.

For the Gamer Dad: Untangling wires is on our resumé, and you better believe we don’t want them returning to their wild and rough state anytime soon. Amazing Spaces teams can help organize gaming systems into neat and tidy areas even your wife will enjoy looking at.

For the Handy Old Man: Toolboxes are a fave at Amazing Spaces! We understand how important having your tools safe and easily accessible is, and are ready to collaborate with clients to establish new and efficient systems for toy, we mean tool, storage.

For the Collector King: One Father’s collection is another mother’s trash, so let our Amazing Spaces team help curate collections into cohesive vignettes to ensure the preservation of special items and to keep Dear Old Dad’s favorites on display.

For the Mechanical Pop: The Amazing Spaces team is not afraid of a little grease, and helping to organize a mechanic’s warehouse is on our radar. Keeping a clear inventory of current items helps a Dad know what needs to be purchased next, and getting to see vintage cars while working is always a bonus.

Does your guy have a different favorite space that’s in need of help?  Let us know. We’ve never met a space we can’t make better!


So, this year for Father’s Day, think outside of the tie box and get Dad something he will really appreciate – organization of his favorite spaces! Contact us for virtual gift card purchases and get Dad’s spaces on the schedule! Call/text 337-296-5506, or email us at renee@amazingspaces.orgwith details.

Happy Father’s Day to all our wonderful Dads!

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