Celebrate Mom

May 11, 2021
Renee Ory

May is a time for all things beautiful: beautiful weather, beautiful blooms, and beautiful mothers. We absolutely, positively, one hundred percent LOVE spoiling mothers, and are always excited to work on projects for them. Maybe it’s because so many on our team are mothers, or because we were all raised by such amazing women, but Mother’s Day is a favorite holiday at Amazing Spaces, and we have some great ideas for spoiling your mother this year.

Mothers are the epicenter of the home – they are its heart AND soul. Mothers occupy every room of the house, but so often, no room is particularly “theirs”. All of the hustle and bustle of running a home, raising a family, and often pursuing a career while doing so, means our mothers are tired and in need of some help. Some of our favorite projects have been helping women create small sacred spaces for rest in their home. A small prayer nook with all of her favorite iconography and religious books can help a weary soul find refreshment in her day.

A reading corner with a pretty but comfortable chair, soft blankets, beautiful lamp, and her favorite books can offer respite at the end of a busy day. Setting the scene in her bathroom for long, luxurious, relaxing baths complete with scented candles and tub accessories can help a mother soak away her worries at the end of a long day. Small, beautifully curated spaces made just for her can remind a mother just how much she – and all that she does – is cherished and appreciated.

Know what mother’s are not fans of doing after a long day? Reorganizing. Most mothers will drool over perfectly organized pantries on their Pinterest pages (because of COURSE mothers have Pinterest pages devoted to organized pantries), but the task of organizing herself is overwhelming and just not something she can complete in the small amount of time she has left at the end of any given day. That’s where we come in and make dreams come true!

Our Amazing Spaces teams can come into the home during the day, and when Mom returns home from work (or, if you are extra great, a day at the spa given to her by her spouse and children *winkwink*) her pantry is Pinterestified. Why stop there? We can make all spaces into Amazing Spaces! What is her biggest annoyance in her home? Maybe it’s a crowded foyer, an avalanching linen closet, a sloppy wardrobe, an underutilized utility room, or a garage that makes her want to puke. We can take any of these and make them Amazing Spaces!

Maybe your mother has a pile of art waiting to be hung on the wall. Maybe your mother wants to move furniture but doesn’t know where to place her pieces. Maybe your mother really wants to revitalize her patio but is stuck on how to start. Our Amazing Spaces teams can help!


Now that you know what your mother REALLY wants for Mother’s Day, we have some different options for gifting! We offer gift certificates for organizing or design sessions. Simply call/text 337-296-5506 or email us at renee@amazingspaces.org with details and we will email a certificate within minutes! Another fun option is our Surprise Design, giving your mother an HGTV reveal feel with local, loving service from our team.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Moms out there! We salute you!

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