Downsizing Dilemmas

September 9, 2021
Renee Ory

A decision to downsize is a BIG one. Moving from a larger living space into a smaller one is a large and daunting task… especially when trying to cram years of accumulation into less square footage. Sifting through memories can be incredibly difficult, especially for a loved one who may be hesitant with the transition in the first place. When overwhelm levels rise and the task seems impossible, our team can help.

Phase 1: The Purge

Don’t be afraid… this is NOT about throwing away treasures. This phase is about ridding your home of all the items you know you do not want to come along in the move AND that you do not want to offer to family or friends. Think old paper goods, crumbling crayons, moth-eaten linens. These items should have no sentimental value and can be easily discarded. Our Amazing Spaces teams are great at helping to navigate this step.

Sorting trash from treasures is our specialty. We can also identify items that can be donated to charities; sometimes this step eases client anxiety surrounding the transition by reminding them of their ability to help their community. Our teams can also help clients develop a system for distributing their possessions among those they love. Providing clients a way to ensure their most beloved items are given to those they wish to receive them returns power over their circumstance back to them. Removing their powerlessness can restore positivity!

Phase 2: Redistribution

Remember that system our Amazing Spaces team developed in collaboration with the client? The one that is unique to each client’s situation? The one that helps return power back to the client in deciding who will receive which items?

Ok, well, now it’s up to the client to put that plan into place – dividing family treasures  amongst family members.  Since each family has their own dynamic, how these treasures are distributed will vary.  We feel this is an especially personal time for our clients and is a time best spent with friends and family.  It’s a time to enjoy with loved ones, to relive memories, and celebrate the lives lived in the home.

Phase 3: The New Space

We’ve talked about how Amazing Spaces can help before, during, and after a move in previous newsletters, so here we will focus on the after. Our design team can help with the flow of the new living space. This includes placement of furniture, artwork, and identifying how best to utilize favorite items in the new space. We love helping our clients feature their most treasured items in beautiful vignettes that best compliment their space and lifestyle. There may still be a bit of purging to do once in the new space, and a reprioritization of items previously thought to be absolutely necessary. Our Amazing Spaces teams can help facilitate this process with utmost care and compassion.

Which leads us to our last feature. Everyone on our Amazing Spaces teams has either been through a downsizing themselves or helped family members through this transition themselves. This means that they understand the difficulties associated with this situation. They can provide high levels of compassion and empathy, patience and understanding, and care with regards to all the nuances of this transition. They understand the decision fatigue that comes with handling such a massive and overwhelming project and are ready to joyfully use their gifts to help our clients! Let us make this transition as easy as possible for you!


Purge! Purge! Purge!

We say it loud and we say it often because it is such a crux to all that we do. The accumulation of things is a natural part of life. Items which served a purpose in the past but are no longer serving us in the present are often stored away and forgotten about… until it’s time to move these items, that is.  Purging an entire house is a big task, but breaking this step down into small amounts each day can help! Purge one drawer, one cabinet, one bin at a time, and slowly but surely the job will shrink smaller and smaller until completed! Having bins available for trash, sell, donate, and relocate can help this process speed along. Amazing Spaces can haul these items to donation centers for you to receive tax donation receipts.

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