Fall In Love With Your Garage

October 6, 2021
Renee Ory

Fall was heralded into South Louisiana with a heavily anticipated cool front. Cooler temperatures arrived just in time for some of our favorite seasons: tailgating, teal, and gumbo. One common thread among these cherished activities is the need for gear. Now stuff isn’t our forte. We aren’t fans of it. We like less stuff. But we recognize when you need some stuff, and activities like outdoor cookouts, hunting, and travel are all things that require special gear – and special places to store said gear – which is where we come in.

We want to talk this month about an area of your home that is often not included in the organization and decoration frenzy; a place that is so utilitarian that it is taken for granted and soon becomes a black hole of items not wanted in the home but not ready to be discarded.

The. Garage.

With the cooler temperatures and a need to dust off the old Cajun cauldron, you first have to locate said cauldron. In the massive pile of stuff in the garage. Let us help you!

Our Amazing Spaces teams are ready to swoop in and save gumbo season with a massive garage purge. Let us help you get rid of old paint cans, expired pesticides and lawn care products, broken tools, dry-rotting pool toys. All of the once necessary and now so very unnecessary items that you’ve been meaning to get rid of but just haven’t done it yet.

Once we have helped you purge, we can assess the skeleton of the garage structure and how it can best support your needs. Identifying which items require boxing, shelving, or hanging helps to further refine items categorized by function. Implementing the design plan with sturdy adjustable shelving, hooks, possibly pegboards, and water-tight boxes can lead to a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Keeping heavier items on bottom shelves for safety, less-used items on top shelves for efficiency, and putting systems in place to keep frequently used items easily accessible makes the end product usable while also freeing up much needed space.


Tip: Make use of your city’s special waste disposal services. Keep a large box or bin empty in your garage and place these items inside once they are no longer used. This removes them from prime shelving real estate, and keeps them contained together for easy disposal. When a special waste disposal day pops up, you simply place the crate into your vehicle and drive it off to the site.

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