Garage Sale Season

August 2, 2022
Renee Ory

When life throws you transitions… make a garage sale!

That may not be quite how the saying goes… something or other about lemons… but we know that when people make a transition, that overhaul spills into all aspects of life. And we find that more often than not, a garage sale goes a long way to making these transitions easier.

Think about it. Moving? Garage sale. Downsizing? Garage sale. Clutter overwhelm? Garage sale.

Even small transitions can prompt the need to purge. Kids back at school? Garage sale of all their excess stuff. Switching sports? Garage sale of old equipment. Closet purge? Garage sale of clothes you are no longer wearing.

While it’s still pretty dang hot outside for a garage sale in August in South Louisiana, starting to prep for a fall sale might be just the thing to revitalize your love for your home and make the garage sale-ing process a bit less overwhelming.

Amazing Spaces can help too!

The Purge

The most daunting and effective aspect of garage sale preparations is THE PURGE. Going room by room and designating what items bring you joy, hold special value, or are useful sets up an effective keep pile. Everything else is potentially purgeable. This is the sticky spot, and where our teams can be most helpful. That massive pile of potential can easily be reabsorbed back into the keep pile. Our teams can help clients maintain objectivity when analyzing whether or not an item truly needs to stay or can be rehomed via a garage sale. Going room by room to gently encourage clients to release items and regain control of what is in their home is one of our favorite aspects of what we do!

The Prep

Now that you have established your purged items, it’s time to go into prep mode. Borrowing tables from friends, purchasing labelling stickers, and really looking at your items can be a pain point. We can help with these tasks too! We will also encourage you to look at the tables of items not as beloved memories to lose but as all the space you have GAINED back by allowing these items to leave your home.

The Sale

Advertising for garage sales online in neighborhood groups is a great start to let people know when and where your sale will be, but a good old fashioned yard sign — better yet several — throughout your neighborhood is still incredibly effective. Then pour a big cup of coffee, get your cash bag ready, and SELL SELL SELL. It can be fun to wheel and deal and seeing your stash get smaller and smaller brings feelings of relief and gratitude that your items are going to be used and loved again! It may not be Martha Stewart’s Great American Garage Sale level epic, but all garage sales bring a little bit of pride and cash into your pocket.

Now that the sale is over, you can really look at all the new space in your home. Who knows, you may even be inspired to work with Amazing Spaces on a fun redesign!


Giving yourself enough time to really thoughtfully purge and prep for a garage sale is the key to making it a success. Rushing through the process increases stress which can make us more emotional when deciding which items must stay and which may go. Keeping an objective methodical mindset will ensure you make thoughtful decision you will be happy with long after the sale is finished.

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