Give Thanks

November 2, 2020
Renee Ory

Here at Amazing Spaces, November triggers a gratitude reset in our minds and hearts. We are grateful for our clients who continue to trust us with their many projects, both residential and commercial, and we are motivated by their loyalty to continue to improve and expand our services. Over the last 17 years our services have grown from basic interior design offerings to now packing, unpacking, and organization of both commercial and residential spaces – all driven by gratitude for our clients. Feeling grateful has been proven to boost happiness over time by shifting inner attention away from negative emotions like resentment and envy. It invites positivity into the mind, which is reflected in a positive mental shift and even physical benefits to the immune system! In this time of COVID-19 uncertainty, practicing gratitude can give our already taxed immune systems a positive boost!

Renée spends time with each Amazing Spaces team member educating and training them on promoting gratitude by practicing compassion with clients. When looking at mess and clutter, clients often feel frustration with their perceived lack of space or shame over the amount of items accumulated over time. Instead, our teams encourage clients to look at these items with gratitude and approach the project with enthusiasm. As always, Amazing Spaces prioritizes providing a judgement-free and confidential environment for all clients.

With the holidays around the corner, mental overwhelm can creep in and often be exaggerated. The preparation of our homes for housing guests from out of town, the  readying of our special plates and platters for Thanksgiving meals, and the beatification of our spaces all contribute to these negative feelings. Working in cluttered and disorganized spaces can truly transform a mood from gleeful anticipation to dread.  Amazing Spaces can help mitigate these mood swings. We can help pack away unnecessary items to make room for guests and identify temporary storage solutions for those items. Our teams can help a hostess reconfigure furniture within the home to create better space and flow for entertaining, while also minimizing disturbances to everyday living. We love helping clients fall in love with their homes over and over again!

Do not allow upcoming stress over holiday entertaining to compound existing difficulties caused by the craziness that has been 2020. Between the pandemic and the most active hurricane season on record, it is more important than ever to keep our minds focused on positivity. By practicing gratitude, we can calm our nervous systems, decrease stress hormones, and increase our feel-good hormones. And Amazing Spaces  is here to help bring harmony back into our homes.


The approaching holiday season signals the onset of cooler weather – something we can also be grateful for! Coats, sweaters, and other winter clothes will replace their summer counterparts. This transition of seasonal clothing can be a great time to declutter and reorganize your closets – determine which items you want to keep and those that may be ready for the donation bin. If you’re dreading this task, Amazing Spaces can help with both your decision-making process and closet reorganization! We even deliver donations!

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