It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December 1, 2021
Renee Ory

With the exception of a few Scrooges, Christmas is a most beloved time of the year. The weather outside can be frightful, but that just pushes us indoors to cozy up with family and friends. The holidays are about spending time with those we love, and celebrating joys of the ending year. And this year’s celebrations will be especially cherished as they mark a return to normalcy after the last two holiday seasons with COVID-19.

People are doing it big, y’all.

Here’s where we can help relieve some of the stresses that come along with holiday entertaining.



Do you ever think of taking inventory of your seasonal items? Probably not because that thought can be immensely overwhelming. Our teams can help you accomplish this task. By locating and reviewing all your seasonal items, you can begin to curate your collections into those items you love, those you need, and those which no longer serve you. We can help dispose of unwanted items, and help you display or rehome your favorites!

Party Flow:

Furniture placement for entertaining is quite different from furniture placement for everyday living. Let our teams execute layouts to best suit your holiday needs.

Guest Housing:

With travel opening up this holiday season, many of our clients are scrambling to find room to host overnight guests. Our teams are trained to assess existing spaces and rearrange and reorder them to best suit the needs of our clients. That can be reworking a guest room — turned craft room — turned back to guest room into a comfortable space for overnight guests; or maybe it’s organizing and stocking bathrooms so they are ready for party guests. Our teams are available to help.

Kitchen Organization:

Let our teams help get your pantry ready for all things holiday! Well organized, accessible, visible ingredients and tools help make holiday baking and cooking easier and more pleasurable. We can help swap out seasonal items to spruce up the space and get it ready for entertaining.

And if none of these services seem necessary… remember… what goes up must come down! Our teams are great at “putting everything to rights” and getting your home decommissioned from Christmas and helping it return to normalcy.

December Tip: When shopping for gifts this year, think of gifting experiences rather than items which may just clutter a closet. Gift cards to local restaurants, cinemas, performances, or other local experiences can enrich the life of the recipient and benefit small businesses who are hurting this year.

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