Keep Technology Bright in the New Year

January 3, 2021
Renee Ory

Ahhh January. Family has returned to their own homes. The last of the eggnog is drunk. All the holiday décor is stored away for next year. Our spaces are restored to “normal.” All is calm. All is bright.

Except for the tech.

New technologies are consistently the most popular Christmas gifts each year. Things like Chromebooks, iPads, Macbooks, smartphones, Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendos grace many a wish list, and elicit top-notch reactions on Christmas Day. Not only are these items exciting and fun, they are also heavy investments with their own set of storage needs.

Our Amazing Spaces teams love tech! We can help rehome old technology via community donations or simply relocate these items within a client’s existing space. We improve cord management using labels, zip ties, and twist ties to minimize confusion and help hide the messy mass of wires. Keeping these new “toys” safe means keeping their parts and pieces together using sustainable storage solutions. Renee can help guide you though storage choices from repurposing existing furniture pieces to designing custom furniture pieces that would best suit your space and new needs.

While our teams are on site, have them assess your wire box. We all have one. That big box of wires we keep for “just in case” we need them later. Our teams can help sort through this box, identify what each wire is for, which ones are necessary to keep and which ones are ready for disposal, and finally develop a new and improved storage solution to keep your tech accessible and tangle-free!

Our commercial clients need tech help too! The Amazing Spaces teams provide practical storage solutions for office supplies and can also help design optimal workflow spaces to better suit the needs of the business. An organized workspace leads to improved productivity and can even elevate workplace morale. Reducing visual stressors can extend holiday cheer well into the new year!


When relocating, careful labelling while packing can save time when unpacking. These labels can be as beautiful, or as simple, as you would like. Using a piece of masking tape can be just as effective as a custom printed label. Carefully bundling wires together in groups using twist ties or zip ties, and then labelling these bundles for the technology they belong to will remedy any headaches associated with wire sorting once you arrive at your new destination. Hiring Amazing Spaces to help you unpack will remedy ALL your headaches associated with moving.

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