Making Room for Mom

September 2, 2020
Renee Ory

Now that the kiddos are back in school, or will soon be returning to school, let’s discuss a very special person who has  been manning the pandemic ship for nearly 8 months now… MOM!

Here at Amazing Spaces, we are noticing trends in client requests for spaces for Mom. These spaces include work-from-home “offices”, relaxation stations, laundry rooms, and ENTIRE HOMES!

Months of living in the same spaces and looking at the same walls highlights what before seemed like minor issues of inefficient layouts, not-your-favorite wall color, and tired decor. Things that were easily ignored when most time spent at home was spent sleeping are now issues lived in during waking hours as well. Time spent in drab or congested areas of the home have given clients very clear ideas of what is no longer serving them at home and what their true needs are.

A Color Consultation can help you create a new color scheme for your home – something you truly like. Save inspo pics, even those you love but don’t think they “go together”, and let Renée identify a cohesive and beautiful new aesthetic from your favorites.

A Design Consultation with Renée can use current cherished furnishings to help redesign home spaces for a fresh and updated look. Or, if you are ready to burn it all, let Renée help you identify new furniture pieces to best serve your family’s needs.

Amazing Spaces can help Mom identify new spaces to function as a work-from-home office or a quiet chill zone to slip away from her kiddos for 10 minutes of peace. Cozy prayer chairs have been a new trend with clients who are in need of a physical space for worship within the home in a time when access to churches has been restricted.

Another often-identified area of difficulty or overwhelm is the laundry room. While we can’t launder your clothing for you (our friends at HAMPR can do that), we can help reduce the overwhelm that is dirty uniforms, and now, dirty masks. Solutions for storage of dirty laundry and the creation of a more efficient laundry room/closet are at the tip of our fingertips and ready to be delivered to you.

Other often requested services are pantry reorganization and closet redesign. These caverns of storage lend themselves to hoarding and disorganization, especially during the pandemic when Moms were to be prepared for anything. Amazing Spaces can help you edit these areas, ridding them of expired or undesirable items, and making them functional again! Remember, closets don’t always mean clothes. We can handle clothing closets, craft closets, gifting closets, linen closets, pantries, and garage storage too!

Mamas, treat yourself to organized and efficient spaces for YOU!


For most moms, caring for family and home are their top priorities. In order to take the best care of others, it’s important to take care of oneself. Mom, what if you also considered prioritizing yourself? What would spark your enthusiasm, nourish your spirit, motivate you to take the next step toward a goal you’ve been thinking about? If you made yourself a priority, how would that change your life? Allow yourself designated time each day to give thought to what’s important for you to prioritize about yourself. Amazing transformations are possible!

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