Medicine Cabinet Organization

October 5, 2022
Renee Ory

Welcome to Fall! Crunchy falling leaves! hayrides! pumpkin patches! spooky season!

and also… Cold and Flu Season

In readying your home to handle the germs and cooties that seem to circulate through the air during the colder months, it’s time to address the medicine cabinet.

And yes, we can handle this too.

There are so many reasons why having medications organized is important, but perhaps the most obvious one is SAFETY! Mismatched, mislabeled, expired, misplaced medications can lead to errors in dosages, or even taking the incorrect medication resulting in poor health outcomes. We take a systematic approach to every job that serves our teams very well: purge, sort, store.


We need to find all the medication stored throughout your home. The ones lurking in the back of a kitchen cabinet, the leftover antibiotics in the refrigerator, compounded ointments, herbal tinctures, and that little bag of OTC medications you keep in your purse for “just in case”. We want it all uncovered and out together in one space. Then, we dispose of any medications that are not labeled (i.e. loose pills milling about in drawers), expired, or leaking. Once the purge is complete, we can assess the storage needs of what remains and move onto the next step.


This is where we match the lifestyle needs of the client with the storage capabilities of the home to develop a system that can be sustained for years to come. A busy family may need room in the kitchen to store vitamins, children’s medications, or first aid supplies so that these items are easily accessible in a shared family space. Other families may want all medication locked away in a cabinet to ensure it remains out of reach of little hands. Still others, may prefer to have all medication consolidated to a single cabinet in the hallway. Many couples prefer to have separate storage spaces for their own medications. There are so many options!


We collaborate with clients to identify storage solutions that best suit their needs. Some items used may be a hard organizer with tiers and dividers, a simple medicine cabinet, or drawer dividers. Other options include clear plastic bins which keep items easily visible and are especially handy for taller items or liquids as they contain any potential spillage. Clear stacking organizers can help keep items visible while using vertical space. Can risers in a cabinet for vitamins ensures that all labels are easily seen. And our favorite star of the show — the lazy susan — has so many versatile options to ensure you can easily access all items.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — so let our teams at Amazing Spaces help prevent future headaches by ensuring your medication is ready for you this cold and flu season.


Keeping up with medications can be overwhelming. If you have medication you take daily, use a pill organizer to sort your medication for the entire week on Sunday. If you have medication you take twice daily, consider a double-row option. Or, if you have to take medication while at work, create a separate organizer to keep in your purse or in your desk. This uses less mental energy than sorting throughout the day, and you can focus more on living your life than taking your medications.

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