Moving Soon?

July 15, 2020
Renee Ory

Looking at the real estate market these days, home purchases are on the rise. Interest rates are low, so many who were unsure about selling and moving into a new home are hopping down off of  the proverbial fence and signing on the dotted line for a new home. Others are facing job relocations, retirement, downsizing, or have finally settled their last child into adulthood and are facing an “empty nest”. All of these reasons for buying and selling have one thing in common: the dreaded move.

No one enjoys moving… except maybe us, but that is for later. The process is stressful and the ever-expanding list of things to do can be overwhelming… unless you have a team of professionals on your side who LOVE the moving process and are ready to make those overwhelming jobs manageable for you!

The first step in packing a home is likely a step your realtor requested you complete before listing your home: decluttering. Over time, households gradually and naturally acquire more items, some useful, others obsolete. Seeing 2, 5, 10, or even 20 years of accumulation can feel overwhelming, a feeling intensified by the emotionality associated with moving. With the help of the professionals at Amazing Spaces, this process can become more streamlined and efficient. Their trained eyes help identify pieces that may hold monetary value while maintaining a judgement-free zone for identifying items that hold emotional value. Throughout the decluttering process, our staff will handle removal of unused or unwanted items from your home. Not only will trash be discarded appropriately, but Amazing Spaces will also bring qualified items to donation sites for you. Their partnership with local charities means you are working with a company who is conscious of the needs of the community.

Already decluttered? Great! Still overwhelmed with packing your home? Not so great. Packing is difficult for many reasons, including physically. We can alleviate some of that work and pain by helping you pack in an organized way, including provision of packing supplies. Through years of collaborating with local families and businesses during their moving processes, we have compiled references for movers and relocation services and can point you in the direction of reliable and trustworthy companies that get our stamp of approval.

Upon arrival at your new home, Amazing Spaces can make your new spacesamazing! Our professional organizers will unpack your boxes, and organize your belongings in your new space. These services include meeting movers at your new location and directing movers on furniture and box placement to ensure your items will be unpacked in the most efficient way possible. During the unboxing process, our team can line shelves if desired, and bring in organizing supplies if needed. Having your home unpacked by a team of professional organizers means that your spaces will be set up for immediate efficient use. Upon completion of the set-up of your new space, AmazingSpaces will remove empty boxes and packing paper, checking off the very last item on the to-do list.

When working with Amazing Spaces, not only will your home be efficiently organized in every cupboard, closet, and cabinet, but it will also have a design aesthetic that is pleasing to you. Our design team members assist in accessorizing your home, styling flat surfaces such as bookshelves, end tables, bedside tables, and desks, placing and hanging wall art and mirrors, and developing a design schema for furniture placement all to create beautiful new spaces throughout your home. When we leave, your new house will feel like home, ready for that first gumbo, crawfish boil, or king cake party.

MOVING TIP:  As your moving date nears, don’t forget to pack a travel bag that includes items you may need for 2-5 days.  Be sure to have this done before the packing team arrives!  Items to consider for your travel bag include toothbrush, toiletries, clothing, extra shoes, medications, important documents, toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags.  Place the bag in your vehicle before the packing team arrives.  Be sure to let us know if we can help with your moving needs!  Successful moving!

For the safety of our clients and team members, we adhere to the Covid-19 safety guidelines .

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