Practically Perfect in Every Way

May 2, 2022
Renee Ory

“Practically perfect in every way”

… and we aren’t talking about Mary Poppins.

This theme comes up again and again on Amazing Spaces job sites. Whether it’s a home we are packing up for a move, unpacking following a move, a furniture redesign, or massive full-home organization overhaul, our jobs are practically perfect in every way. Let’s explore.


Amazing Spaces keeps practicality at the forefront of every. single. job. If solutions are impractical or difficult to sustain, then these systems will fall out of use and our clients will be right back to where they began. We specialize in providing highly customizable solutions for our clients. We have some clients who love the look of coordinating storage containers in their pantry. These clients accept the responsibility (some even relish it) of unboxing new grocery items to restock and refill these pretty containers. We have many clients who do NOT want this responsibility, and for those clients it is our job to best organize their existing items in their existing containers into easy to use, accessible, and practical storage solutions. We have some clients who do not have the budget for all new containers, but still need systems in place to keep their pantry managed. With minimal additional purchases, we can give them a functional pantry that best suits their needs.

When we consult with a new client, we are tuned into their specific needs and budget restraints. We use the existing space and storage first, and then progress out to new ideas that could best serve our clients. This could be as simple and switching out existing pieces of furniture to better suit a space’s storage needs, or as extravagant as a custom-designed closet or furniture piece to house a specific collection. This attention to specificity keeps our jobs exciting and fun.

Our Amazing Spaces teams understand the practicality of choice of materials too when helping a client select potential storage solutions. Areas exposed to damp are better suited to plastic storage solutions. Items likely to leak are best suited to solid surfaced storage containers versus woven. Indoor organization materials can strike a balance of natural fibers, metals, glass, acrylic, or other plastics. Outdoor organization materials need to be sturdy to withstand the elements, and potentially sealable to prevent any intrusion from rodents and bugs. We find heavy duty latching totes with labels, or clear plastic containers, tend to work best outdoors. We are always looking for practical solutions with potential for longevity.


While perfection is difficult to achieve, we do strive for near-perfection. Sometimes our teams will leave a client with a plan for organic growth and change within the home that a client could execute with confidence, or have our teams return to work their magic. The needs of a home change, especially in the homes of young families. A playroom designed for toddlers and preschoolers may need to morph into a game room as children get older. Children’s bedrooms change as they age too. The needs of a kitchen or bathroom may ebb and flow around holiday hosting. All of these things require additional planning to keep them functioning as close to perfectly as possible, and Amazing Spaces can help with that! Above you’ll see an underutilized and easy-to-junk office nook served this family much better as a coffee bar and lunch-box storage central.

In Every Way

When we say we can organize anything, we mean it. We have worked on bathrooms, pantries, garages, boat sheds, entire residential homes, attics, vacation homes, hunting camps, retirement homes and apartments, bungalows, church halls, eyewear boutiques, marketing offices, computer repair shops, hospital pharmacies, and the list goes on! We want to help in every way to make our clients’ lives easier and better.


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