Home Organizing

“Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony.”

– Albert Einstein

At Amazing Spaces, we work with you to simplify the process of downsizing, decluttering, and finding a place for everything. You will be amazed at the transformation from chaos to an orderly and clutter-free space in just a few hours.

We focus on reducing clutter and improving organization in the most important spaces of your home or office—from living areas to storage spaces such as garages, pantries, closets, and storage sheds. We also work to eliminate the use of expensive offsite storage units filled with unused items.

Even though ample storage exists, the space must be planned to function efficiently. If storage is limited, knowledge of space-saving storage systems is a must. We can help with both scenarios!

Donate It Forward

Each session includes a complimentary donation delivery of unwanted items, giving the client a sense of instant gratification for their newly organized space. We have literally hauled away tons of donations for our clients at no charge. This service is appreciated almost as much as the finished project!

As part of the service, donations are taken to ReStore (Habitat for Humanity), MiMi’s Attic, Baby and Me, Faith House, HUT, The Extra Mile, Goodwill, or any other non-profit organization of the client’s choice. The donation receipt is given to the client for tax purposes.

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