Ringing in the New Year with Spaces that are Totally Clear

January 16, 2021
Renee Ory

… of clutter, that is! Hello 2021! Amazing Spaces is rested from the holiday and ready to help clients ring in the New Year. This year, possibly more than any other before, people are ready for a CLEAN slate, and that just so happens to be where our talents lie. So, in the spirit of the new year, we want to get you excited about GO MONTH – as in Get Organized!

The #1 request at this time of year is removal and storage of Christmas décor. Each year, new items are collected and so annual storage innovation is key to managing the Christmas chaos. Carefully wrapping and storing those most precious items ensures their enjoyment for years to come. These new items may also mean that older or broken Christmas décor are ready to be disposed of… a service we provide!

Another area that most certainly can use a post-Christmas spruce-up is the playroom. While many homes may not have a single room dedicated solely to play and toy storage, our Amazing Spaces teams use this term to identify any area where play and toys are found. Keeping these areas consolidated to a minimum number of rooms can help manage storage. We often work in children’s rooms, home offices, or even small cabinets in the kitchen when the kitchen table is the premier playspace. The after-Christmas burnout can be a much easier time for children to let go of toys of old now that new toys from their lists are available.  Encourage a continuation of the spirit of giving by choosing to re-home items rather than trash them. Amazing Spaces partners with local charities such as Catholic Charities of Acadiana, as well as individuals who identify needs within the community to re-home items removed from job sites.

A new year often means New Year Resolutions, especially resolutions to increase fitness and improve health. In the past, these resolutions may have involved joining a gym, but in this time of COVID-19, many are opting for the home-gym route. This means purchasing and storing equipment such as punching bags, stationary bikes, and rowing machines. Even smaller items like resistance bands and small free weights require strategic storage to remain easily accessible when needed but out of the way when not in use. AmazingSpaces has an eye for innovation and can help ensure your home gym setup has you ready to stick with your resolutions well into May.
Speaking of May — that is when most of the country comes out of winter hibernation and enjoys time spent on the patio. In south Louisiana however, we can enjoy our outdoor spaces year-round. With the ushering in of new cooler temperatures, January can be a great time to clean patio furniture and breathe new life into your outdoor living spaces, to make them a place to spend time now and into the summer. We can help with rearranging outdoor items for entertaining flow and identify new solutions for storing outdoor toys, grilling accessories, and gardening tools.

Let the team at Amazing Spaces help make your home feel fresh and ready to take on the New Year!


Thinking about tackling post-holiday decluttering and reorganization yourself?  Feeling overwhelmed?  Consider breaking big projects down into smaller parts.  Instead of tackling the entire kitchen at one time, let one project on one day consist of editing cups and glasses.  Another task on a different day could be editing and organizing plastic containers or silverware, etc.  Inch by inch, it’s a cinch!
Still overwhelmed?  Our amazing teams are always available to help!

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