Spooky Spaces

October 4, 2020
Renee Ory

Pumpkins are popping up in yards and lattes everywhere, there’s a proverbial chill in the air, and the scent of roux fills the air. In South Louisiana these are all signs that we are heading into Fall, and, now that we have entered October, the spookiest time of year! Our Amazing Spaces teams are here to lend a hand in de-spookifying your spookiest spaces!

So, what is hiding in your spooky spaces?

Maybe there is a school shoe lost for so long, another pair was purchased.
Maybe there are tools lost for so long MULTIPLE duplicates are purchased.
Maybe there are treasured items which have already been mourned because the owner thought they were lost.
Maybe it is MONEY!

The most common thing that makes a space spooky (other than a chainsaw and mask) is disorganization! That’s where we come in. Amazing Spaces helps clients declutter and reorganize a multitude of spaces so that all items can be seen and accessed easily, to prevent unnecessary losses AND unnecessary purchasing of replacement items. It is such fun when we help a client uncover dearly cherished items long ago thought lost, and help them identify a new and improved storage solution for those items. Our partnership with companies such as Louisiana Garage Solutions aids us in organization of more specific areas such as garages and sheds. These areas are most often addressed in the Fall when the weather becomes cooler and outdoor activities are more tolerable. 17 years of business also means that there is nothing that surprises us anymore! And any detail of your spooky space is kept confidential between Amazing Spaces and the client… unless of course you are hiding body parts in the freezer… we have to report those. Happy Halloween!


So, how many spooky spaces have you discovered in your home or office? Sometimes it seems like all at once the goblins have taken over and a space has turned into a first place contender in the Spookiest Space contest. If you want to stay ahead of the slow creep of the goblin takeover, Amazing Spaces can help with our Monthly Maintenance plan. Once a month, we’ll send a team of 2 organizers for 2 hours to repossess your space from the goblins. We’ll work in the area that’s most in need each month. And, as a treat, after 12 months of Monthly Maintenance, the 13th month is FREE! No tricks…only treats!!

Ready to transform your space?

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