Spring Fever

April 1, 2022
Renee Ory

Spring Fever has finally fully hit in South Louisiana! Temperatures are warmer, flowers are blooming, and there’s a lovely green sheen of pollen on any still surface outside.

It’s difficult to watch Mother Nature transform herself from the dull dead branches of winter into the spectacle that is the springtime blooming season without wanting to transform your indoor spaces into something fresh and fun. Maybe winter has zapped some of the spring from your step so the thought of executing such a transformation feels like too much work. You know our teams are always ready to help.


Let’s start with some basics. A messy space can stifle organic creativity and prevents homeowners from seeing the potential in their spaces. Organizing sessions with the Amazing Spaces team helps homeowners regain control of their belongings and reinvigorates their love for forgotten items. We prioritize organization of commonly used spaces first, to improve the workflow of your home. Next, closet and storage spaces within the home can be reworked to maximize storage options for any overflow items from those commonly used spaces, while purging items long unused and no longer wanted from these storage spaces.


Let’s say you are happy with the organized state of your home, but still have an envie for something new and different. Our redesign services are a perfect fit for these situations. Our designer assesses items within the home including art, furniture, and decorative accessories, and creates new furniture layouts, moves and rehangs artwork, and curates accessories to develop new decorative vignettes for tabletops, bookshelves, and curios. Rearranging beloved items collected over a lifetime in new and creative spaces can reinvigorate your love for your home and breathe new life into these pieces.

Color Selection

A fresh coat of paint can transform even the smallest of spaces, and our designer can help with that! The myriad of options when choosing paint colors can be overwhelming to process and decide which would best suit your space. There are so many factors to consider! Things like lighting throughout the day, furniture upholstery, artwork, architectural style of the home, flooring, and design style of the homeowner all come into play when selecting the optimal color choice for a room, or a color scheme for the entire home. Sometimes a homeowner just needs help in developing a cohesive color scheme of preferred colors, or a boost of confidence that their independent color choice works for their space. We love helping clients with all of these needs and reminding them that color is fun!

Moving Services

Maybe Spring Fever hit HARD, and you decided to list and sell your home to move into a home that better suits your needs. Our moving services are some of our most sought-after offerings, and it’s easy to see why! From packing up your current home in an orderly and organized way, to unpacking and organizing your life in your new space, we make moving easy. Our moving specialists are skilled at assessing and analyzing the organization needs of new spaces and fill cabinets, drawers, and closets with tetris-like precision to produce practical storage solutions that will be easily maintained for years to come!

Lean into your Spring Fever, and let Amazing Spaces help update your home this spring!


One of the major spring transitions takes place in your closet. Cold weather clothes need to be switched out for warm weather items, and that switcheroo can take a toll on your mental health. Here are some easy tips for the great closet switch:

  1. Before moving any winter clothes, look for items with holes, stains, or ones you simply no longer like or want to wear next year. This includes items that no longer fit. Any damaged items are garbage, but other items that are simply unwanted should be donated to local charities.
  2. Simply move the remaining winter clothes to the back of your closet and pull the summer clothes to the front.
  3. Now, analyze your summer clothes. Again, look for items with holes or stains to throw away. Be honest with yourself with the remaining clothes and decide which ones you dislike, and, if you’re brave, have a try-on session to determine if any clothes no longer fit. Get those items out of your closet, and donate to local charities.

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