Spring Refresh

April 10, 2021
Renee Ory

Thanks to a historic freeze across the Southern United States this year, we at Amazing Spaces are ready to say “See you later” to Old Man Winter and “Hello Friend” to Spring Sunshine! Sunshine in the south generally means warmer temperatures and that envie to tackle outdoor projects to get spaces ready to enjoy. Amazing Spaces is here to help. A revamp of your outdoor living space may be just the thing you need to finally banish any residual wintertime blues. Let our teams redesign your outdoor living spaces to best suit your needs. Whether reworking a potting shed, rearranging outdoor furniture, or planning a pool lounge, our eye for design will reinvigorate tired spaces and reignite excitement for outdoor entertaining!

Now is the perfect time to tackle an attic revamp, before the blistering summer temperatures hit. Our teams can come into your attic spaces to remove items and ready them for sorting and a return to storage. This involves the client selecting those items he or she wishes to keep, which items to donate, and which items have reached the end of their usable life. Our team will then put into place clearly labeled storage systems that are easy to use now and will continue to serve the client for years to come.

The garage is another area of the home that often serves a large storage purpose but is overwhelming to reorganize alone. Our teams can implement new storage solutions for seasonal décor, gardening tools, power tools and equipment, and recreational items such as bikes and toys. We ensure these items are stored in an efficient and accessible way and prioritize visibility for ease of use. If our clients desire something a bit more, or are starting from scratch with storage options, our partners at Louisiana Garage Solutions, LLC can help design a totally custom garage storage system to maximize the client’s space and best fit the client’s needs.

Speaking of garages… Amazing Spaces can also tackle off-site storage units like rented garages, boat and RV storage units, or rented storage units. These sites provide a large amount of storage for a large monetary investment. Amazing Spaces can help ensure this investment is used wisely and efficiently so no space goes to waste and our clients can easily find necessary items.

As always, all services are provided in a safe, judgement-free zone. This means that the client is in control of the job. No items are sold, discarded, or donated without the express permission of the client. Negative talk is absent, and our teams provide a happy and upbeat experience. They also remove the mess at the end of each day… because no one is happy looking at a mess.


The old saying “April showers bring May flowers” often rings true in South Louisiana, where wet and rainy springs often make for beautiful showy garden blooms. Take advantage of rainy days by tackling small projects indoors. Go on an expiration spree and hunt down as many of the expired products in your home as you can find. Common categories include: makeup and cosmetics, medications, spices, canned goods and other non-perishable items, aerosols, condiments, cleaning supplies. Tackling one category on each rainy day can help keep this project small and manageable.


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