Tackling Transitions — An Amazing Spaces Favorite

September 1, 2022
Renee Ory
Transitions are seasons of change that ebb and flow throughout our lives. Some transitions are incredibly exciting and are met with joy and gladness. Some transitions are solemn and can bring forth feelings of melancholy. Often, these transitions require preparation and planning, but ultimately adapting to the new. Our Amazing Spaces teams are incredibly skilled in all three of these areas. We are methodical planners who love identifying new schemas to meet design and organizational needs. In identifying these needs, we can prepare new spaces for new and better uses. And we are highly adaptable and able to modify these plans while on site when we encounter road blocks or a change in needs/desires of the client. Most of all, our teams are discreet, gentle, and kind when helping clients through life’s transitions. Here are some of the ways we can help you navigate life’s transitions.

Renovation Planning & Preparation

     This is a fun transition. Our teams can help prior to your renovation by making the current space as organized and efficient as possible. Minimizing clutter helps with step 2: finding space to relocate items during the renovation. Our teams can help identify new working solutions for areas under construction to minimize the impact of the renovation. Think bathroom renovation — the client will need to occupy a different bathroom or may even need to share space with others in the house. Our teams can help put systems in place so that this can be accomplished with the least amount of inconvenience. Think kitchen renovation — our teams can help whittle supplies down to “must haves” and assist in identifying a different location to setting up a temporary working kitchen.

Housing Overnight Guests

     We love the joy that surrounds the holidays, and especially love helping clients prepare for extended stays of overnight guests. The preparation can become quite overwhelming, and we can take that overwhelm and chuck it out the window. Our teams help clients stock bathrooms, reorganize closets to allow for space for guests’ items, rearrange furniture to best suit a spare room’s new needs.

Moving Preparation and Execution

      Prior to your move, our teams can help purge clutter and excess, and organize items throughout the home to make packing easier. We can even extend these services to helping clients pack their home in the most efficient way possible. We provide consultations at the new home to develop furniture placement schematics, storage solutions in the new home, and collaborate on an unpacking prioritization list to ensure the areas most important to the client are unpacked, stocked, and ready for living on moving day. We can help on moving day with unpacking services and can even help guide your movers in furniture placement.

Rehoming Strategizing

     Many are facing challenges where they will provide a home for a family member in need. For some clients, adult children are moving back home, for others, they are caring for their elderly parents. These situations require extra delicacy and finesse in managing expectations for both the homeowner and their new guest. Our teams are experts at navigating these situations with grace and dignity. They help clients develop plans for reallocating space within the home, reworking existing spaces, and stocking bathrooms/bedrooms to suit the needs of the new residents.

Estate Sorting and Organizing

     When a loved one dies, or even decides to downsize, children and spouses are left with the immense task of sifting through the items left behind. This task is made even more difficult by the intense emotions surrounding this solemn life transition, and the emotional ties to many of the items encountered. Our teams can help! While we are not purveyors of estate sales, we can help families sift through these items to identify what items are truly special and desired by family members, what items may be of value and would be worth selling, which items are needed in the community and can be donated, and which items need to simply be disposed of. Once a system is in place to help families process these items, they clear the mental headspace to step forward with the next task on their long to-do list.

Seasonal Décor Transitions

     This is a fun one. Our teams have experience helping clients purge seasonal décor and curating their collection into a cohesive collection of items they love. We can help clients develop a décor plan for holidays to best highlight these collections. We can also identify weaknesses in a client’s current storage solutions and develop more effective ways to store these items at the end of the season.

Preparation for Hosted Events

     The stress of hosting over the holidays is intense, but our Amazing Spaces teams are here to help! First, we can help with overall home organization to ensure space for seasonal décor, tableware, and serving ware. Next, we can rework furniture placement from everyday living to a better flow for entertaining. We also offer consultations for hanging artwork to ensure our clients’ special pieces are highlighted in their home.
Our teams are ready to help you manage your next life transition with thoughtful organization and design solutions to help make your life easy peasy!


Think up! When storing hanging items like wreaths or door hangers, we like to try to go vertical. Storing these pieces hanging on a wall will prevent flattening and keep them looking fluffy and fresh without taking up valuable shelf space.

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