ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!  I reached out to Renee to declutter my home and my life. I am beyond impressed with the Amazing transformation that was done on my entire home in less than a month. Every week was so refreshing to have a team come in, work so hard and leave that afternoon, as I stood in “Awe” of the AMAZING accomplishments. Renee is a woman with an Amazing HEART!! She not only helped me with my home, but Renee reached out with love and support!! I am beyond grateful for her beautiful Heart!!! If your looking to declutter, get organized, and want to work with amazing people, AMAZING SPACES is your answer to your prayers!!!!! 🙂

Carencro, LA

Renée Ory is always so helpful in assisting us with design & organization! She has recommended exterior paint colors for our rental properties as well as our own home. She is spot on!! We get so many compliments on her work!! Renee makes design decisions & organizing a home so much easier! I highly recommend Amazing Spaces if you are looking for a fresh restart of your current home or if you are moving into a new one.

Lafayette, LA

Renee and her team are amazing! I cannot elaborate enough how much they helped me today! My fiancé and I had a wild idea to move from a 4 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom apartment, on a whim. It was the most unorganized move ever and I didn’t know where to start. I called Renee up and basically said “fix my life please” and her and her crew did just that. I immediately trusted them and left them in full control of our home for the day. Came back to my entire life so perfectly unpacked and organized.


Lafayette, LA

Amazing spaces is truly AMAZING!!! Little did I know when I found Renée on the Internet how much she would bless me and my household! She is always kind and courteous and full of creativity in organizing the entire home front.
With the organization of the household we as a family have experienced such peace and our day to day activities run more smoothly! Such a gift and so worth it!!!


Lafayette, LA

Renée services are practical, exceptional and inspired. She has redesigned my den space and organized my closets with the keen eye of a master. I can’t wait to get her back!


Jefferson, LA

I am embarrassed to say I had not one…not two…but THREE junk drawers taking up precious space in my kitchen. My kitchen is not very large and I desperately needed help maximizing the space. Renée came over to help with my junk drawers and wound up reorganizing the entire kitchen! I also needed help with a void of space in my living room and Renée provided recommendations, plans and the contacts to make it happen.

 I have a problem with clutter – I don’t like to see it but I have no sense of organization. I tend to shove things in random drawers and cabinets just so it’s out of sight. This led to me having three junk drawers and of course never being able to find anything. Renée came over to help and wow! She really knows how to maximize her time – she not only organized my junk drawers (into just 1!), she did the entire kitchen! The best part is that it is completely functional. I was worried that it would stay neat for 1 day and then I would go back to my old ways but Renée really takes the time to understand how you function and operate within your space and she comes up with the solutions perfect for you – I’m happy to say that, after 1 month, the kitchen still looks just as great as it did when she left!

Renée also helped me with plans for a large void of space in my living room. It was an odd alcove of space next to our fireplace mantle and after a year of living in our house, I was tired of trying to find things to fit in the space. Too deep for bookshelves, but to narrow for anything else, I was at a loss. After seeing how we live in the space and what we currently have near it, Renée recommended a built-in with a side cabinet for our modem and two drawers for miscellaneous items. She also recommended floating shelves and gave us a few referrals to get the job done.

We are so thrilled with her services – she really goes above and beyond to tailor her services to your unique needs. I can’t wait to work with her again and cannot imagine planning a space without her input.


Youngsville, LA

Renee rearranged and created a new space in my home. By finding a new home for items, I had new spaces and felt like I had been on a shopping spree. Instead, my home felt lighter and funkier.


Lafayette, LA

Buying a house can be scary… I wasn’t sure if I’d feel at home here but last night was our first night and it seems such a perfect fit for us! Unpacked entire kitchen and bathroom today. Thanks for the fabulous help and guidance Renée Ory!!! Everything is in its place (in those rooms at least). Loving it here!


Lafayette, LA

Renée, with Amazing Spaces, is very passionate about helping others and loves what she does. It shows in her work!


Youngsville, LA

Renée helped me set up my new office and is now helping me re-work a room at my home.

She has a wonderful eye for space and color. She was also respectful of my taste, so created spaces at the office and at home that are pleasing and suited to me.

I was very pleased with the quality of her work, her attention to detail, her sensitivity to budget and her timeliness.


Lafayette, LA, ADP Solutions

We had such a great day! We got so many compliments and my mother in law was so impressed. I think the bookleaf table is the biggest hit. Everyone loved it. However, the best thing was something I didn’t expect. It was how much more relaxed I was knowing that everyone had a place to be comfortable. Having so many more “areas” for groups to gather made it so much more peaceful and enjoyable.


Kaplan, LA

Thank you so much for helping me choose paint colors for my living room and family room. The gray and orange/russet in the formal living room are beautiful. I would never have thought of putting a splash of the orange in the small space around the window, but it really pops. And the green for the family room is nothing short of fabulous. I would never have chosen it, but it is gorgeous! And it works perfectly with the gray and orange. We went from boring to wow. I can’t wait for you to see it all put together.


Lafayette, LA

Renée Ory helped me remove many decades of clutter from my new “SENIOR LIVING” apartment with lots of fun and lots of teaching me the better way to organize. My apartment is a totally different place with an inviting atmosphere. I have set goals for the next six months and then we will meet again. If the boxes haven’t been opened they will be dispersed, no questions asked. After a few visits I have begun treating my personal spaces in a completely new way. This weekend I told my son (56 yrs old) I had purchased 3 new tee shirts. After hanging them in my closet, I quickly put 6 shirts in a bag to donate. His comment: you have never done that before. Why now? I am learning a new way to take care of my personal environment. My sister is now working with an organizer in Houston. 


Lafayette, LA

Renée is amazing! She made our cluttered house a home! Even our landlord commented that it looked AMAZING afterwards!


Lafayette, LA

We were thrilled with the outcome of our recent garage organization. Having our (multi-functional) garage organized by Renée allowed us to access and utilize items easily. And, not being horrified (by the clutter) when we walk into the garage is invaluable!!!


Lafayette, LA

Amazing Spaces solved my storage problem and helped me transform my home! Renée Ory is a talented and creative designer. She can simply take the artwork/furniture you already have, rearrange it to create a more livable, beautiful space! She can also recommend new purchases that will complete or help balance a room/space. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to their home or office space to be amazing!


New Orleans, LA, Trapolin - Peer Architects

Renée helped me reorganize and declutter my office at St Pius X Catholic Church, including digital files in my Computer! Files are color coded and simplified for easy access. – Thanks Renée!


Lafayette, LA, St. Pius Catholic Church

I would like to begin by telling you the type of customer/consumer I am; I believe in honesty, delivering what you commit to and excellent service. Amazing Spaces has “hit the nail on the head” in all 3 of these talents.


Renée has worked with me on two different goals. The first was to organize my home and then when our plans changed to selling our home she switched gears and helped to pack and “Zone”. Renée’s work ethic is unmatched and I say that without hesitation. She delivers on all levels.

It is a unique gift to be able to blend professionalism in getting what needs to be accomplished with a very keen insight on a personal level. She understands your goals and meets you were you are at in the process. I do highly recommend her services and as an individual with integrity. She educates, understands your needs and again understands the place you are in during the process of making your space one of the Amazing Spaces.

With gratitude and thanks,


Youngsville, LA & Dallas, TX

Dear Renée:

I am amazed by how much you and I accomplished in such a short time! I love the way that your eyes could see new uses for my belongings and spaces in my home. I could only see things the way they had always been. I smile every time I walk through my den and pass by the sitting area you created simply by rearranging three pieces of furniture. The loveseat that you pulled into vision is now my favorite place to relax.

I wish you could see how much I’ve accomplished since the day you were here. I just can’t stop organizing! For three days I’ve continued to move things to their new “official place” and have gotten rid of many things that weren’t being used. It’s been so easy to put stuff away since I now know exactly where to go with it! The way that you delegated particular uses for storage areas seems like magic! Your solutions are so simple, so logical, and yet I never figured any of this out in the seven years we’ve lived in this house. I love your suggestion of a “staging area” in my garage for outgoing things. (Believe it or not, years ago I created the same thing for my husband – an attractive storage box near the front door – for him to grab things on his way out in the morning. But I never thought to do the same for myself. Seems so ridiculous now.)

I still have my stacks of paper to go through (and file folders to create) but since you’ve temporarily stored them out of sight, there’s no visible clutter. This has taken so much stress out of my life! I never imagined that a professional organizer could achieve so much in one visit. Thank you!! I so enjoyed working with you and will definitely recommend you to others.


Lafayette, LA

I could not be more satisfied with my experiences of dealing with Renee. She has helped me with several projects in my house over the years. Her eye for color is excellent. If she suggests it, I go with it. I have always received many compliments on her work from friends, family, and neighbors. She has helped with color choices, in and outside, and with rearranging and placement of furniture and accessories. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting a change for the better!!


Lafayette, LA & Perdido, FL

Renee was super awesome when it came to organizing my house. She was so effective and efficient. Her ideas were amazing and now my house is less cluttered and more organized.


Broussard, LA

Renee is amazing!! She is very professional and concerned about her client’s desires. She is attentive to your likes and dislikes. She does not create to draw attention to herself, rather, to create the clients surroundings to reflect them. I love her eye for color coordination. She’s like a little wizard at work as she enters. You can see her scan the room as she enters.


LaPlace, LA

Amazing Spaces helped me organize my home after my husband died.  Several years have passed, and I had the urge to move forward and organize my home again.  I called Amazing Spaces and voila!  I am amazed at how my closet looks… how much space I now have.  I have walked into my closet several times just for the impact.  It is a great feeling. Thanks, Renee!


Lafayette, LA

Amazing Spaces gave my living room a whole new look that was bigger and more interesting. Renée Ory placed our art work and furniture in all the right places to make our home much more livable and lovable!!!


Lafayette, LA

Amazing Spaces has helped me pack and downsize into a new home. I had no idea how I was going to manage on my own, but luckily found the perfect service to fit my needs. Each team member was extremely hard working, friendly and non-judgmental with my needs. I was really embarrassed by the amount of “things” I’ve acquired during the years and didn’t realize how much I had until it was time to relocate. Renee removed valuable things I didn’t want to take to the new home and sold it for me. What a gift! They were also able to haul away donations after each session. I wish anyone considering moving to hire the Amazing Spaces team. They are honestly a God-send!


Lafayette, LA

I have worked with Renée at Amazing Spaces a number of times. She is extremely creative and organized. I especially appreciate the fact that she can organize a space as well as decorate it. I have gotten lots of compliments as to the look and feel of my personal spaces, I highly recommend Amazing Spaces for any home needs you may have.

Youngsville, LA

Renée with Amazing Spaces has helped me organize and decorate 3 of my homes in the past 12 years. She recently helped arrange furniture and hang art in my new home, which has entirely transformed what I had in mind. She is fun to work with and is mindful of my taste and style. She can enter a room and instantly know most efficient layout for function and flow. I never hesitate to contact her for assistance. You should do the same!


Lafayette, LA , Gotcha Covered Window Fashions

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