The Big Return | Reducing Chaos in the Back To School Transition

August 6, 2020
Renee Ory

Congratulations Parents, you have survived Summer 2020. It was the longest summer, because for most, it began in March, when schools were closed as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response. This extended period of time with children out of school and potentially at home means that your home may look like more of a disaster zone than welcoming oasis. More time at home means more clutter from toys, books, and craft supplies. Here is where Amazing Spaces can be your fairy godmother – organizational style.

We can help ease the transition from summer fun to school structure by decluttering and organizing rooms throughout your home.

Let us develop a plan for creatively storing all those things that make childhood sweet. We can envision new spaces for Legos, stuffed animals, art supplies, board games, gaming systems, puzzles, and dolls.

We understand the new work-from-home needs that children may require in the event of additional virtual learning due to COVID-19. These spaces need to be functional to facilitate learning, while providing minimal distractions. We can identify which current items in the home can be moved or repurposed for this design, or suggest new items to purchase to better function in this new capacity. New storage needs may include space for iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, or other digital learning tools sent from school, charging stations for all devices, headphones, school supplies such as pencils, crayons, marker, scissors, glue, tape, notebooks, and schoolbooks. Options could include forming one central learning hub for the home, or individualizing plans contained in bedrooms to better fit the learning needs of each child.

Returning to school often involves increased reading, and with the potential for an increase in at-home learning, finding quiet spaces to read for learning purposes will be a necessity. Let us help you create beautiful spaces conducive to reading with minimal distractions from toys and television.

Many parents are purchasing new school uniforms in the hopes of their children attending in-person classes in August. Finding space for these new purchases can be difficult, especially in closets that may already be overflowing. We can help re-organize closets to edit out clothes that have become too small or will likely be outgrown over the upcoming year. After clearing out clothing clutter, we can effectively integrate new uniforms and potentially uncover new spaces for storage of summer toys and/or school items.

In anticipation of a return to schools outside of the home, Amazing Spaces can work with clients to develop a solution for the “after-school clutter” that best fits their family’s needs. Spaces for backpack storage, homework organization, school jackets and shoes are all the most-identified necessities among clients. We can work to either create storage solutions in children’s rooms or one centralized area where parents and children can easily access information from school.

Remember, all of our services include that pesky last step: removal of discarded items.

Let Amazing Spaces take items off your never-ending to-do list and help get your family ready for school!


Get the kids involved in decluttering their rooms, and teach them a valuable lesson at the same time – giving to those less fortunate.  Tell each child they get to choose 3-5 toys they no longer play with and donate/gift these items to kids who would enjoy playing with them!  Your excitement for the endeavor can help them to be excited as well.  Knowing the toys will be a gift to those in need can make parting with them easier.  And, your kids learn to empathize with others!

For the safety of our clients and team members, we adhere to the Covid-19 safety guidelines.

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