The Move

July 10, 2021
Renee Ory

With interest rates creating a fervor in the housing market, our moving services are quickly becoming a hot ticket option for our customers. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a move is like with Amazing Spaces, this month our newsletter features the unpacking experience of a client, Sarah, as she moved her family of 6 from 2400 square feet into a 4000 square foot home.

Our home purchase was something slowly in the works, in that we knew we were outgrowing our current home with only one bathroom to share among our four growing children. We looked for nearly two years, so when the perfect home for us came on the market we were ready. Except it was the middle of the school year, 11 months since COVID-19 came on the scene and rocked the world, and I didn’t know how I could get everything done. I knew I needed the help of the Amazing Spaces team, and I have zero regrets about investing in their services.

Because of the timelines of home purchasing, I knew I had approximately 30 days to pack my current home. This was not a difficult task for me, so the packing services offered by Amazing Spaces were not needed. However, I knew that I needed as much of the new house unpacked on moving day, and THAT was where I needed the most help.

We hired a full team for the entire day, and at the end of moving day, my kitchen and four children’s bedrooms were entirely unpacked and ready to be lived in, our master bedroom closet was filled, and they helped with solutions for storage in my master bathroom and laundry.

Before the move, team coordinator Julie gave me a call to discuss what my goals were for moving day and how to effectively communicate wants/needs to team members. See, I decided to move on a Monday when all my children were at school, and my husband was at work. My mother and sister were helpful points of contact wherever needed, and their organizational skills and knowledge of our home and design plans were super helpful in getting the kiddos’ rooms set up. All of my needs were met by the Amazing Spaces team!

Did I mention, Amazing Spaces coordinated with my movers?! They worked together to find the best system for delivery of my items to the new house, which helped moving day run as smoothly as possible.

Here is a list of the tasks completed by the team:

  • Unpacked and broke down empty boxes
  • Bagged all packing materials
  • Sorted and organized unpacked items and found homes for them
  • Made beds with bedding provided
  • Assembled new furniture and play items
  • Identified new solutions for toy storage
  • Folded and stored bath towels
  • Sorted and organized bathroom items
  • Organized refrigerator
  • Helped with furniture placement
  • Created pretty vignettes among the chaos to promote peace
  • Identified solutions/systems to be used in the future to better serve new spaces

At the end of moving day, my FitBit logged over 20,000 steps and 3,000 calories burned, and if I would have had to start unpacking my entire home then, I would have just cried myself into a bottle of vodka. Moving day was incredibly overwhelming, both with the massive transition of an entire family, and with the gratitude of people who helped. Being able to have my children’s rooms ready for restorative sleep in their new spaces, and have function in our home to go about our daily life was a true God-send and made our home into another “Amazing Space!”


Moving a home is an overwhelming task. Before your move, take time to list items needed in each room of your new home, then tape each list in its appropriate room to increase effective communication with helpers. Use post-it notes to mark desired locations of furniture in each room of the new space to minimize your need to be in multiple places at once. When labeling boxes, write all contents of each box, and the room it will belong to, on the outside of the box to ensure nothing is left behind and items will be in their necessary spaces with minimal effort. A little work on the front-end of a move will provide greater ease and efficiency at the end of the moving process!

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