Welcome to the Month of Love

February 4, 2021
Renee Ory

Happy almost Valentine’s Day to you all! We are taking this month to showcase L-O-V-E and how it touches all aspects of what we do at Amazing Spaces.

First, we LOVE our clients! Truly. We enjoy our time together with them and appreciate the privilege of being welcomed into their homes.
We feel that one of the greatest gifts of the Amazing Spaces experience is the relief of a totally completed space when the job is done. This means that at the end of our time together, our team will remove any unwanted items and trash from your home. When our big white van pulls away, your space is ready to be LOVED and lived in! In this disposal, our priority is always re-homing unwanted but functional items with those in need in our community. We LOVE using these unique means at our disposal to help our community in meaningful ways.

This LOVE also helps us understand the connections people can feel with the things in their home. Items which no longer serve a purpose or will not fit into new décor or a new home can be hard to discard, especially if they were items with emotional ties. Some items may have been received as gifts from a friend or loved one who is no longer with us. Some items hold precious memories of past times in our lives that we are not quite ready to leave. Our staff respects these ties and can help clients determine which items they can part with, and which are too precious to give away. Our commitment to LOVINGLY re-homing objects within our community is our way to help clients know their items will continue to be LOVED after they leave their possession. This commitment to care sets Amazing Spaces apart from our competition.

Secondly, we LOVE to shower our gifts on others. Husbands, a gift card for Amazing Spaces services may be just what your wife wants for Valentine’s Day this year! Such an easy gift to give, with potential for a HUGE impact on your shared home and also her mental well-being. Once Christmas decorations have been stored for the next year, your home can feel cold and empty. A gift card for Amazing Spaces services opens the opportunity to remedy the post-holiday blues and revitalize your space for the new year!
Lastly, we want our clients to LOVE their spaces. This world can be such a crazy and chaotic place. And if the events of the last month are any indication of what the rest of 2021 will look like, it’s more important now than ever to have your home evoke feelings of safety, security, and joy! We LOVE helping our clients reignite that joy for their spaces, and help bring them more happiness, productivity, satisfaction, and comfort in their own home.


Are you feeling the love for your home?  If not, try asking a friend for help.  You can focus on a particular area of your home and ask a friend to offer suggestions about organizing, revamping, even input about items to donate.  Small changes make a big difference.

Want some fresh eyes on your space?  Shower yourself with LOVE!  Our Amazing Spaces teams are here to help.

Ready to transform your space?

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